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  2016/Shipment & Holidays  
  Thank you for your support all the time.
Our following new products will come out on Feb. 12, 2016.
Welcome your visit then.
  1.Tactical Vest(BS14)
2.Tactical Vest(BS15)
3.Tactical Vest(BS12)
4.Tactical Vest(S6)
5.Tactical Belt(G71)
9.Ski Mask(S2A)

From Feb.5 to Feb.14 are the holidays of Chinese New Year.
During the 10 days, the post office in Taiwan will close. So we can not ship your orders in the meantime.
We will start to ship your orders on Feb.15.

Our resellers will still be open. You can find our resellers at

Thank you for the constant support and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  Our following new products will come out before DEC. 13, 2015 23:55.
2.AK Ammo(KA1+KA2+KA3)
3.Grenade M24
6.Revolver M365
7.Walther P38
  Our following new products will come out before OCT. 1, 2015 23:55.
1. Bayonet (L15)
2. SG17UB
3. Ingram M11
4. Shuriken(Wind)
5. Stun Grenade(M84c)
6. Ninja Sword (Tooth Ghost)
7. Skis & Poles(BK62)

Dear friends

Our M2 Mortar (60mm) will come out on May 15, 2015.
Attached please find it's picture for your reference.
It includes a 304 stainless steel spring and can let the Artillery shell out.


Dear friends

Our following new products will come out before March 13, 2015 23:55.

  Dear friends

We will arrange our warehouse from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13 and will not ship orders during the 4 days.
We will start to ship orders from Jan. 14. Thanks for your understanding.

Our following new products will come out before Jan. 9, 2015 23:55.
1. N9 Bullet Proof Shield
2. L17 Bayonet
3. PVS-21 Night Vision Goggles
4. M4A4
5. M5A1 R.I.S.
6. M5 CQB
7. M5
8. M134
9. M802
13.Lewis Gun


  Please see the Photos of my customs with LEGO minifigs for your reference.  
  They are quality toys made by ABS elements, such as Japanese Samurai, Kabuki, and Ninja mini figures' accessories.  
  Invoices are sent within 2 days, please contact me if you have not recieved.  
  Shipment is within 2 days after payment received except for holiday and weekend.  
  Orders will be cancelled if payment is not complete within 14 days of invoice date.  
  All of our product 100% made in Taiwan.  



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  The shipping cost of air mail is free for order amount over US$100  
  US$5.00 International Standard Shipping by air mail with tracking number is registered and only the designate person can receive the package.  
Area Day of Delivery
6-7 days
8-10 days
8-11 days
7-10 days
    ● We will ship your order after well packed your parcel and take photo.
● We will inform you of the tracking number of your package after shipment.
● We are not responsible for lost packages unless the EMS shipping method is chosen.

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