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Tactical Vest(B12) -Tan

Tactical Vest(B12) -Tan

Tactical Vest(B12) -Tan
Tactical Vest(B12) -Tan
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    But it tasted her salty tears. Fear rayban discarding it ? rayban Not force you, for you are sincere rayban rayban 'll marry you...... Xiao Yao rough panting, but endured fiery situation has risen - the desire, suddenly let go of her, let her have desperate heart, accidents have to be added, she obviously felt his unbearable physical changes, can not wait to forcibly occupy her, but now...... he should be able to brake the way, just because...... she was scared to cry, and he found, does not want to force her ?Even...... seriously want her to marry her? She let go of his accident, but surprised silly forget to escape, Leng Leng looked at him, could not believe his words, he meant...... he wanted to marry her ? He said was true? Knowing that her sister's scandal, he did not want to marry her, never touched her sister look, but it has nothing to tease her in this way, because in fact he has wanted to marry was her? Of course, rayban rayban Dad promised engagement with your sister, just know that your sister is a broken woman, rayban regret dead, but see you later, just know...... original...... rayban rayban marry the girl it's you, Since the two promised marriage, and that rayban marry you not the same?Can not see, rayban rayban Every time I go home, all want to see you do ? rayban How you do not like it? He ruffian ruffian authentic tone also looks a bit like a baby and sincere meaning, slender fingers protruding ask her face, she wiped tears from his eyes, but nice voice muffled sowed ambiguous whisper in her ear, hot breath on her delicate flutter in blowing shells can be broken Qiaolian, so there she was too nervous to tighten the pores shrink to slightly sore, she had a thoroughly embarrassed blush, Leng Leng lift on the way start looking at him.

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    Compared with a bullet to solve the opponent militancy supreme Guizi Bing prefer to use a bayonet bayonet charge ! And because the rush arrived, the airport perimeter is no shelter stopped plains, third brigade is simply not available rayban defensive fortifications, so we can only choose attack. So pull out devils commander immediately ordered the troops engaged Zhihui Dao, the poor, carrying hundreds Guizi Bing on the bayonet rifle bellowed aloud with his troops rushed toward Qiaoan Bang, however, fighting knives rayban expected did not occur, is greeted rayban hundreds of assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles firepower network consisting of machine gun.Such type of battle almost before slaughter less than twenty minutes, more than six hundred Guizi Bing killed naked, rayban brigade trucks and mill were riding motorcycle even two-door 1992 Division infantry guns and mortars as well as more than a dozen Grenadier Jane became Qiaoan Bang booty. When coupled with the loss of the previous attack, the 3rd Infantry Brigade wasDevils battle and destroy his troops, Captain Chun Ming-chuan in the rank and file is to be intensive machine gun hail of bullets labeled mutilated bodies. After hurriedly cleaned a lot of the battlefield,ordered stroked two-door 1992 infantry gun that hung in the back of the truck, intends to use the truck to pull the remaining dozen mortars and Grenadier Jane is also in conjunction with soldiers go because of the fighting that took the city battle, large caliber artillery did not ease street fighting, but the Devils 's 1992 infantry guns and mortars will be able to put to great use.Sitting on the truck,from his pocket a pack of American cigarettes, which handed out the next one Xie Yuan, immediately place a self-serving one, the United States and the United States on a mouthful of smoke, past Qiaoan Bang have cravings, since the army took over the Yangtze As a result, almost all in fighting stress, high strength makescravings daily double. In addition to the fighting, when the rest of the time as long as there is idle rayban on two pumping will not help. Next to Xie Jin Yuan is also very tired leaning silently smoking on the train Xiang, a few hours of continuous fighting has been non-stop, so that the officers and men, including Xie Yuan, including very tired.
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    Hey, are you doing it ? Lin blush tone Debu visibility of people, even stiff motionless on stage look. She absolutely did not expect this move he could ever happen in this moment, brusque but people can not accept, so in most ** rayban concert when, suddenly came to power, turned out to talk to her courtship ? Also...... direct kissed her, he should do it in such a manner shame throw home, not to mention she did not promise him anything, that is the situation - people relations, she always wanted a low-key manner without any influence, but he booing, have insisted this way the whole city knows that G rayban thing?Do not tell all the people, rayban love you, tonight was not prepared rings, flowers are not prepared, or rayban directly to you to marry him, rayban want to be with you, you stupid you do not know, do not believe all rayban who told you like stupid, rayban all this to tell you, rayban love you, you still can not understand rayban mind it? Sheng is still in front -line microphone, the sound was surprisingly large audience to let thousands of spectators could hear clearly, but also to sound Lin really anxious to find a way to seam drilling.Are you crazy is not it ? Lin wanted to kill the sound angry, really want to be kicked to the side of the microphone sets down, but she was filled the lines in his arms, and hold it called a tight, he hardened his nerve, but also hold life and death she, her strength to push him how to do this thing to you? You say crazy rayban rayban is really really mad, you want to be mad, how the whole world knows rayban love you, you do not know? He loudly announced, and let the audience applause and commotion reached its highest point.

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     rayban Want fat Yeah, rayban 've always eat, how will thin it? Sound Lin immediately he touched her face hand to pull down, and hastened to their left and right touch touch, anxiously they not want to identify themselves thin, because she never liked thin, but she has chosen not fat up, no fat had attached before pregnancy, but also because she is too thin body, let her stomach five months have fast kids, even just simply did not see the same pregnancy, either later she touched abdomen that unusual muster the hard, long suspected his stomach what build-up, as she went to the hospital, may not really turned out to be somehow found her pregnant out?Hey, three o'clock, to go, to pick up rayban baby son, you do not want to see him? rayban Mom evening also prepared a feast to welcome How about you ! Sound Lin was timely opening, interrupted him around the corner, she looked down at his watch, he anxiously stood up, pulled Wilson 's hand, ready to taxi to pick up a child, these days, are filled Sheng line faction of the driver then trembling with that fat little girl, and then send him home, her mother Lin for the tone and save a lot of things, her mother had time to deal with the shop 's business, and she also has a busy time of Liszt 's piano performances touring the preparatory work for Xiao Yao then take some necessary cosmetics ads, the remaining time will be left to Wilson, but not today, Wilson wants to see the duo duo, so she can pick up along with his children, but she is still somewhat simple-minded concerns head, trembling like most of the Sheng is OK, she can tell, of course, must also believe that a discerning eye could see, Wilson saw a trembling, because rayban root will produce too much alike looks confused, although he will not mess speech, but she will feel very embarrassed and ashamed, and perhaps even explained to him why the duo duo looks like sheng the line, then it is bound to put Xiao yao was born his father's things like speak out !Tick ​​tick............ chirping sound of car horns, the sound in the forest did not hit the front cab when Wilson, a luxury Mercedes Chi to the rayban feet. Love - who ? One said it would close and ambiguous wording, not married or married men and women, or married but having an affair, can be together and have this relationship that this is ambiguous rather than above board, but it seems already blurred the modern meaning of the term itself, the situation - people think of a more direct relationship between the two is whether it is or is not a love marriage, rayban you can do something very important thing, that is - mutual comfort and mutual need to do - love to do !
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    General · than too worried rayban division 's 117th Infantry Regiment has striker broke into the Su County, North Gate, currently ji war, believe or how long, will be able to capture the whole Su County county. Mi deep that roadway Bear nodded, but still Chen Sheng told: Command field artillery regiment immediately kB build artillery positions to prepare for contingencies. Toshiyuki Suzuki suddenly bow replied, immediately turned to an aide accompanying whispered behind that name commanded a lot · adjutant also nodded, then turned and kicked away.Bear Mi roadway and Toshiyuki Suzuki heard simultaneously changed sè, explosions and machine gunfire just definitely not one's own issue, first · guns from earlier analyzes, should be high-explosive right caliber artillery king inemitted bomb issue, but the division 's 108th artillery regiment yet to build artillery positions, and even 117 infantry Regiment of artillery squadron has not directly under the city, more fire, and that the guns can only be the defenders of the city's Chinese issued a. Easier to distinguish the sound of machine guns, the Japanese only equipped with heavy machine guns and crooked handle ninety-two style is Taisho eleven light machine gun, two machine guns, gun shots, no one can distinguish Guizi Bing come out.Leaving two frightened that · can be judged from the intensity of the gunfire, gun in town no less than at least one hundred ting. Think of the city's Chinese garrison artillery and the number actually have so many guns, roadway Bear indemnity and Toshiyuki Suzuki scored the city can not help 117th Infantry Regiment warriors worried played. Soon, the two fears became a reality · Through binoculars, roadway Bear indemnity and Toshiyuki Suzuki clearly see, just still to assault the city 's 117th Infantry Regiment of the warriors, which is being in * * team thrust wildly duck, thrust l out.In particular, it is then washed out dozens of armored vehicles, each carrying armored vehicles are two to three ting machine gun and heavy machine guns, machine guns under the dense hail of bullets in the chase, panic withdrawal to the 117th Infantry Regiment of the Japanese soldiers they fall into a film into a film. See this, one can not help but fall roadway Bear Mi Routeng, immediately ordered: quick, to the first 117 Wing orders, retreat, retreat immediately ! Toshiyuki Suzuki quickly jerked down, immediately turned and walked quickly kicked away. Within an armored vehicle, Zhang Xudong see 've hunted almost immediately picked up the wireless intercom ordered: each battalion attention immediately stop chase, tank battalion in the post, cover the whole group to withdraw the city.

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    PS: Today,rayban, more to the second book of the faithful if you like, do not forget to recommend a lot of support for the book, thank you ! On a large square, there is a huge circular building, like a football stadium that can accommodate people in general. Huge rotunda at least one hundred meters high, covering an area of several hundred meters, magnificent, at the top there is a huge identity leaves. Interfax and toads at the moment is standing on the square in front of the former looking leaf character identifier that huge circular building above the brow slightly wrinkled up.This auction is the largest empire leaves home industry ? After observing a moment, Interfax frown asked. Well, all auctions are among the empire leaves home in the business, like behind Wu Guohuang room support, so although many among the big powers empire are coveted piece of fat auction, but no one leaves home moving industry ! Interfax toad lying on top of the shoulder, whispered. Behind Wu Guohuang room ? Interfax himself heard, mouth hint of playful smile, heels and walked in front of the auction.Door auction is semicircular in front of six to repair Yang Hyun strong border guards, Interfax little surprised to see here, it seems that the strength of the empire leaves home, even if not as a family of three, but also underestimated ah. Interfax pause a lot, the last six in that icy gaze into the auction being. A few tens of meters wide channels throughout the auction, here is like a large stadium in general, surrounded by a circle of high- ladder type, a layer of more than one, filled a seat is to participate in the auction guests sit.
  • Author: Mauricebolf
    This...... chairman does mean that your son withdrawal immediately, rayban naturally will send you back and son reunion that time what words can not say ? Qiao Siyuan faint smile, know that this is Wang and is not afraid to let him leave Houqiaoanbang withdrawal, the moment and said: This simple, rayban and Ampang to say a few words, rayban if he was listening to the chairman of the residence. Wang Qiao Siyuan say and hear, nodded and said : If so, this master rayban still do. Just do not know your son agree ah.After Qiaosi Yuan finished, directed Qiaoan Bang said: Ampang ah, put down the gun, come with rayban rayban some words to charge you. Qiaoan Bang see Qiao Siyuan say, without thinking off his gun, thrown to the ground, and walked toward the Huangshan 's residence, but was pulled beam Yimang doom. The total seat, not ah, Qi Buwen Ground of the year story ? rayban Let them go if you let the brothers how to do ah ? A rogue ah, when the Son of man to filial piety. Confucius said, this filial piety who is able to keep that. As pleasures, able to have raised ; disrespect, why not peace?People living in the world, even if the word does not understand filial piety, but also with brute Yi? I went to this and wanted to Generalissimo would not embarrass me, but not to deal with Zhang Hanqing as house arrest me, without him, because my hand is still one hundred thousand Huben, and rayban these brothers. rayban, Is my best to rely on. Liang Yimang still not assured, for fear of what's wrong, but Qiaoan Bang opened the beam a rogue 's hand, turning back walked past. Wang and hurried over to greet the son Jia sent the last of a room, then back out, leaving onlyand.

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     rayban Face furrowed eyebrows, Kirino stressing each syllable muttered. Then, just as a matter of course camel command rayban Road. You can also work together. This woman, the words that really earth-shattering. rayban Say - you called all of them rayban to attend this gathering of women is now your own Ah Oh, is it, do not say rayban forget ! !. However, this is an either- thing ! Made it so easy, rayban A group of women got together for this gathering of twittering totally not interested, but its sitting over there rayban it would be better spent an entire afternoon to go to the library with Japanese airconditioning.There are nice little right Mody, and people like you rayban see more schools Lane handful like you more than one, rayban see you did was just a dare and girls accosted the two men now ! This rayban sharp words to make two steps back. How can A ! rayban Such as childhood growing up in a pile of how a woman might be afraid to be together and a large group of women too! Not hemp Chennai real rayban also a lot of naked women lying sleep above it! Mere even without taking off his clothes how a woman could let rayban nervous too! disgusting, rayban said in addition to the soil outside you only sister and my mom talked with rayban just right !After all the words you say will hurt the most phrase ! rayban Really quick to cry out ! Do not look so rayban ! Immediately stop using the pity sight to see rayban ! So strong protest, Kirino finally turned from the rayban body remove, cut muttering loudly, rayban then humbly acquiesced Kirino, I would really say it, then rayban seventeen years of life, it was only one closest to even feel like a grandmother rayban own more than like high school girls Ma Chennai real only. And how might say to go to A, A rayban nor invitation.
  • Author: Mauricebolf
    Six children standing in the doorway, said : Master, Shaolin seemed afraid rayban. Wang Heng Xiao porting wooden tea table, drank, and said: It is wrong because they are guilty, but also because rayban gives them a lot of pressure. That this is not good and they rayban hands ? Six children said a little disappointed. Wang Heng Xiao glared six sub- one, said: Who should hands ? Six sub hehe smiles : Master, Shaolin Temple and rayban scores, who do not know, I am also ready aimed at the opportunity to teach them good meal.Is also a sign of Chinese culture in the world, more famous than rayban rayban what to teach people ? Wang Heng Xiao look to the outside, said: However, rayban assured that this has a chance rayban limelight, just maybe, someone will come next and so on. Six children nodded excitedly, over a cup of tea just going to pick up a drunk one, you can see the division Fuwang Heng Xiao looked at his eyes, quickly slowed down the action, Duanzhaochabei gently sip, then pretend aftertaste look. Wang Heng Xiao shook his head helplessly.Dinner is two young monk sent Zhaifan, very delicate vegetarian, tofu, vegetables. 8384 novel network www.8384xS. Roger Wang Xiao and six children will eliminate meals clean sweep clean, they did so for the first time to eat delicious vegetarian food, have to say, industry specializing in surgery, Shaolin vegetarian Millennium, said since doing vegetarian, the whole world may have no one dared to be compared. This is the realm. Dined, and six children pick up the phone to the bureau who speak, listen, the rayban is Deputy Secretary, or the Secretary's apprentice, naturally a lot to worry about.

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    Wang Heng Xiao authentic praise : such strength and mood, in ten years will be able to enter the level of strength, into martial arts master level. Martial arts, even refining the body, strength training ! Divided Ming Jin, Anjin, of strength ! Linde 's strength is in Anjin double peak levels, the body 's blood is extremely tough, strong function within the government, vitality definitely more than a hundred times more than the average person. Young King laughed, with Young 's talent and hard work, after more than rayban is certain. Linde dual wan smile about: Unfortunately, rayban could not see that day.Master Li Wang Heng Xiao looked at, continued: rayban rayban Now we must use a unique way to inspire potential part of your body which, it is at the expense of your future development may be bad. Of course, if you can get over it, absolutely beneficial, might not only be able to save your life, but also let your strength to the next level, to break through the bottleneck now. The human body is a very complex thing, where people around the world learned enough to study hundreds of years, will not necessarily be able to thorough research.Wang Heng Xiao has studied several years of human potential, acupuncture thorn vein, is a means of rayban a, rayban in his body had tested several times, had good results, so that his body has been greatly developed in the year rayban less than thirty years of age into the level of strength, is to rely on this. However, when rayban engrossed in research, so no one can see it all. Born again, this is the first time rayban such means used in someone else's body, and was a dying man 's body.
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    The remaining seven or eight soldiers under the leadership of Ivan, Wang Heng Xiao rushed together. rayban Do not believe so much in, but also not a uniform Wang Heng Xiao into ! Wang Heng Xiao Di loudly. Ivan run ahead, a knife stabbing chest Xiao Wang Heng, Wang Heng Xiao was grabbed his wrist, saber suddenly turned over, all of a sudden a lot of penetrating chest, he was killed on the spot their sabers. Three soldiers rushed together to, not because of Ivan died on the spot while somewhat hesitant, rayban The goal here is to kill Wang Heng Xiao.Wang Heng Xiao hands, grasp the two into the wrist, chewy blooming, broken bones, knife dropped to the ground, you can not have two into screams seemed broken wrist bones and their own without any relationship, two together rushed into Wang Heng Xiao, Wang Heng Xiao clinging tightly to fight for opportunities for companions behind. Can, two into just met Wang Heng Xiao body, it was a huge shock Effort inverted out. Bang bang bang...... several into, knocked down to the ground together. At this point, the mercenary hastily rushing around to help, under Luanqiang, several soldiers have not moved down to the ground.Polar bears special forces, in addition to just get up there Sergei, into all of its rayban fell to the ground, basically dead, only a few seriously injured. Ka Jinsen eyes wide open, and some can not accept. Whirring whirring...... two helicopters flew over quickly. Wang Meina greet rayban white spoon is crazy heavy machine gun fire, two shuttle bullets hit the helicopter directly to the two explosions in the sky, two rotating flame hit the ground, the whole piece shiny red yao empty. A Chinese into mercenary shouted a voice, eyes look to worship and Wang Heng Xiao Wang Meina.

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    Lin Feng smiled and handed over, said: rayban just cast obscurity purple body, presumably for the ' no ' word has some perception of it ? Sky nodded, looking around a few people look envious look on his face and no color complacent. Well, just to see the surrounding space has changed, rayban there will be some sentiment. Under the unexpected opportunity, actually fits with the obscurity of the road to let their body become strong, huh. Space to change, in fact, because the field of space Lin Feng. The day trip called ' just ', just because the space-time is a static Lin Feng.For them, just a short moment. Hey, day trip, with rayban you realize what to talk about, let rayban understand ah. Small Lin direct unceremoniously pat -day trip on the shoulder, arrogant cross autumn said. His strength in the founding of God, for the strength of the desire, naturally a lot more than the two -day trip with a day Li Qiang. Well - Sky refreshing nod, direct communication with them from their own perception. At the time few people listening comprehension experience day trip, Lin Feng listened for a while, and then secretly praise, they start meditating.Even let rayban injured ? Was both shocked and curious, this feeling have appeared several times in the previous, but none like this one would be so tough. Let alone let him hurt. As a result, Lin Feng for this feeling, more seriously. Thought that was just a bad sign, only a few people and Wu Meng display ' obscurity calculus '. However, today's Lin Feng, direct determination is not a sign of this feeling, but - Crisis ! No, find an opportunity to still under discussion and brother rayban countermeasures, so do it, Zhi Buding next direct Xingshenjumie.
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    Not to say that some may be asked to him? Is not for people who do not come up ? Lin tone lowered his head sadly, the original rayban two or so pro-people, no wonder she will be like rayban trembling, even not much like Xiao Yao, but more like Sheng is OK, this is also very in genetics among normal, there are not very many children, like their parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt but like anything else, or relatives. The car came to an end, so that the positive tone fugue Void Lin Yi Zheng, Zhang big eyes just to see, containing the line turned out to be the car parked in front of the G Morningstar five-star hotel in the city, parking brother has immediately went up to the line respectfully Chong sheng nod.Sound Lin head again slow, but also that he did not always want to send her home, but drove directly to what is wanted here, suddenly distraught together. rayban Say what ? Sheng is a mockery to stare at her, then cool with a face out of the car, she was a pull down from the car, threw the car keys directly valet, hugged her to go straight into the restaurant. Hey, do not do this rayban rayban do not sound scared...... Lin immediately struggled, watching the man's handsome face grim, she has a kind of non-human feeling, and think the last time in his lounge and just restaurant toilet ferocious look, and that was really scary in her body against a man thing, she certainly does not understand what he wanted to do, but...... he thought, she did not want it!Do not talk to rayban hypocritical, sons are so big, do not say you do not understand the need between men and women, rayban need a woman, you need a man, rayban early to tell you rayban want you, you want to say do not tell rayban rayban rayban such a man, is it still your turnoff it? Sheng is a direct line enough, expect her young alone, no man is intolerable, and he really wanted very much to get her, that this mature male ** what they want to spend the night, of course, is taken for granted. rayban rayban...... Do not, and do not want to sound too embarrassed...... Lin distress to hit the wall, kidding, he actually really wanted her to do that thing...... ah ?

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    The robbery of God, although tough, but I believe that the master will certainly bring rayban shocking ! Lin Lin Feng has always been a little north of blind worship and self-confidence. Innocence granted nodded, his face full of longing for color, then sighed: hey, rayban both broke through, then you can stay with the master. And I, God Emperor was still late, really depressed. Forest north heard, patted innocence shoulders, shook his head and smiles : You have master 's practice sentiment, coupled with the Japanese refining his ideas, breakthrough will not be long.Innocence depressed nodded, watching the robbery goes proudly standing empty beneath Lin Feng, his face a look of worship at a glance. Colorful clouds after nearly ten hour -long gestation, gradually came deafening thunder. Lin Feng 's face has maintained a confident smile, robbery terror cloud though seemingly abnormal, momentum is also extremely sharp. But Lin Feng felt that this implied robbery robbery thunder cloud, and did not reflect the momentum is so powerful. rayban Now have absorbed the origin of yin and yang, coupled with his body fully integrated six origin.Strength rose Lin Feng, for a long time did not air this strange robbery lightning cloud, with a strong self-confidence. In the course of billions of onlookers around anxiously waiting, the first robbery mine finally came. Not everyone expected, robbery mine really is colorful. Dark Void looked billow from imposing sharp colorful robbed cloud, Lin Feng mouth sketched out a contemptuous smile. Floating in the void, the body does not move. Let the robbery Lei somersault down, who did not reveal the momentum. Upon seeing the crowd of onlookers, heart jing, do not respect God ethereal god resist ?
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    Think of this, Jiang small seven Yanzhuyizhuan, beheld goes ebony Roundtable ! She was rummaging in the house, find a nice quilt, laying on the table, there will be a simple bed. Well, this son to undress to rest ! rayban Depends on it ! Jiang small seven ruffian ruffian grin, cleanly tear their outer shirt, exposing the white of the clothes. Passage of incense face distress, almond stool, Chen Dao: son, rayban rogue ! Hey, is not that rayban Get out. There will be more rogue ! Jiang Xiao Qi smiled Xiazhukeling, waved his hand toward the passage of incense.Play, hit Hong pouted Pakistan, not willing to be turned away. Qi Cheng- night lying on soft large bed, over and over again, the end is no sleep ! Dark house, rayban bright thorough re- opened and closed his eyes, and so forth. Since three days, rayban almost sleepless night ! The body is cold, so think of that myself full rayban petite body heat again, though thin boneless, but in his arms, was actually kind of reassuring and comfortable. That damn woman, refused to beg for mercy it?Could be so stubborn ! Her eyes firmly stubborn, really like most of the time when the girl, which makes the chaos of rayban heart again. Thought of this, really angry, mad rayban rayban suddenly sat up, neatly draped outside the shirt, walking hurriedly disappeared in the silence of the night. Qi Cheng- night pacing back and forth at the door, consider for a long time, rayban reluctantly sighed, an open door. The house dark, quiet outrageous, even breathing as if stagnant, there seems to be no trace of living breath, only diffuse room smell of blood.

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    You are not rayban mercenary group into, and that is my enemy into ! Wang Meina heard what he said, Ahmed kicked in the chest, in the eyes of Ahmed Yuandeng among took his life, fierce eyebrows glanced around one, Chen Sheng said : I have a year did not lead you, miss you all forgotten who I was, Ahmed is just one example, who continue to do so, I will kill him. Wang Heng Xiao looking calmly standing behind her. rayban This is the new head of the mercenary group, any of his words, it means what I say, who is still in doubt ?Mercenary group into all calmed down and looked at the one pair of clasped hands, which explains everything, this underground world to the world of mercenary crazy goddess has been vested in the. Mina, rayban will not join your mercenary group. Wang Heng Xiao said dismissively : rayban only temporary partnership. Wang Meina step leapt truck, looked Wang Heng Xiao a, said: with you, but will not recover rayban rayban say. All into the car, quickly starting ! Wang Meina valiant command channel.Front, suddenly there was a convoy of military uniform Urgup car, stopped by the truckloads. Former Russian President Ross is the Soviet Union, the UnitedIntelligence Agency during the descent, this one is particularly valued. 8384 novel network few years ago, former President of the reign, the incumbent who served as Secretary to the President of the Federal Security Agency, part-time over the intelligence chief, even if the gentleman president, but also on the two blocks have absolute control over.
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    For example, secretly a little money to get relief from the palace poor people, or some thief to catch it official, and so on, but found the city of people living comfortable Chaoge calm, and there is not much need for her to solve evil, so look, the three princes are the most difficult people in the eyes of the characters. Qi Cheng- night stay with her ​​during the day with the side of the Princess rayban rayban Lennon Lennon, a night out to do good, the people exhausted. This day, the sky is sunny, autumn, most suitable for outing. Luan luxury sedan, massive servant, Qi Cheng- night high-profile way through the streets.Qi Cheng- night Qingluan Shaw left the ring holding his right hand seven Lanzhu small river mouth Qin Zhao satisfied smile, the mood seems to be very pleasant. Merry 's really a family dude looks like. Although this scenario rayban very happy, but rayban must keep just this seductive woman rivalry, never let rayban confused Qi Cheng- night mind. But my mind was inadvertently swept Xiao Qingluan just that proud look and do not have meaning, mind suddenly flashed a bad idea, rayban suddenly opened his eyes and sat up.Jiang hurriedly grabbed a small seven guards asked. Guards lazily replied, but the hearts of thinking, not just how to keep up, and now regret it ? Or the side of the Princess Goddess clever ah, I do not know where to go to get happy princes, and later still a lot to curry favor with the Princess, right side. Jiang Xiao Qi walked toward rayban direction just walked away, hearts began to flurry, be sure not what happened, how can she so careless and let Xiao Qingluan with rayban alone, if she going around in circles for half an quarter of an hour of effort, but found among deserted mountain, not even half the figure.

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    Prettily finished, fingers stretched on rayban chest poked malicious smile, neatly slammed the door. This feeling is so cool ! Just think of Regulus Fan Qing Hao face looks like, think of the presence of small green rayban not look broke, she covered comfortable ! Sure enough, happiness is to be built on the suffering of others ! She laughs and locked the door, turned, saw the fire has jumped from the rear window of the children came in, eyed looking at the door, and she had a common hatred of momentum !It is a fire, children stare, pointy ears move the two, write too far to go, no longer speak to her. Alas, rayban chat. Su pupil did not miss it this, Sipilailian rub past, lift its two claws, red eyes and let her look into. Su pupil is the need for such a chat, she confided it to listen, and more harmonious ! You say, if he really stay overnight, what will happen ? Su pupil stare asked loudly, brain thinking could happen, could not help a little bit little face flushed, rayban have to marry him, and if he wants to stay overnight, the occurrence of something, or the sense of calculation errors well?By...... you have not heard rayban say ? Sue pupil fire, she put passion, now sleep, this guy actually dozed off ? Too not to face up ! Hell no respect too conscious master it! Sue pupil grief, and it 's paws off, looked at it quickly toward the nest of Ben, resentment at the back of it swore : I had known, we should let Regulus Hao throw you out ! Then rayban then locked the rear window ! Fire child soon fell asleep, the Soviet Union was still a pupil no sleepy - a lot of things really happened today, he still twice crashed into his arms...... I think about it, but it seems the memories of him faint musky !
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    Stoichkov are suddenly shocked a second to react after Wang Heng Xiao has been completed. Mr. Stoichkov, this person needs to take rayban together. Wang Heng Xiao said dismissively of the one from his pocket again and pulled out a black bag directly set in Stoichkov 's head. The real face of the muscle lies are shaking a few times, it can be said that it is too risky, but it was done, rayban this time do is as soon as possible and with the aftermath, the rapid fall in the elevator wall will body hug over, cover with a black bag on his head in a real soft frame lies on the shoulder.Wang Heng Xiao looking calm nodded, as if just a trivial thing to do everything in their hands in general. With tight rayban rayban okay. Wang Heng Xiao in Chinese in plums ear gently said something. Plums shuddered, shoulders shaking a few times, uttered a slight sob, under the towel, it is already in tears soaked the towel, but still no sound biting his lips. Is master here ! Seems to be bullied child suddenly saw his father 's feelings, the hearts of many grievances all my heart, Subway smells.At this critical moment, it is the emergence of violent mood swings. This is not desirable. The first time, True Lies know, plums and Wang Heng Xiao know, their relationship is not shallow, so will let plums so excited. rayban In the end who is ? True Lies heart, very curious. The man 's identity. Stoichkov strode out of the elevator, pressing behind the two soldiers wearing masks three prisoners came to the jeep, and the two men throw in the car, the woman into custody in the middle of the two soldiers.

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    Wang Heng Xiao Mitsui one looked surprised and said: Iga clean missing ? How will missing ? Mitsui sword slightly shook his head, rayban say this news, but it is because when the trio together to drink, this time it is and Wang Heng Xiao rayban Here strained, less Iga clean, as clean messages will Iga say it, we all know some are transparent, thorough understanding of the little three- year friendship. I do not know, nobody knows, I heard that was taken away by the Americans, but the Americans are said to have been put back, rayban do not recognize custody Iga clean.Japan is the world say American lackeys, in fact, who knows Japanese Americans hate ? As Japan 's top Mitsui sword Warrior, is standing on top of the pyramid to see the world, a more thorough look, the attitude of the United States will be more obvious. Bother you today, but could be so a break rayban friendship between you, the future did not need the trouble, it is a good thing for you rayban. Mitsui sword got up to leave, said. Mitsui Shouchun is the opportunity to see the Wang Heng Xiao, his eyes burning with flames, Chen Sheng said : You are rayban predecessors, can dare to take rayban punch ?Mitsui sword a bit shocked, hesitated for a moment, did not stop, try Roger Wang Xiao by Mitsui Shouchun depth is a good thing, he is also very curious, when Roger Wang Xiao scared just change my life, now I have the strength to. Wang Heng Xiao look to Mitsui Shouchun, laughing: boxing, killing of heavy, so Warrior will self-cultivation, your effort is not enough in this regard. However, you can take a punch rayban rayban to sit still, you can get rayban move about, even lose rayban rayban promise you master the conditions. If you can not make rayban moving about, that rayban should you not participate in this World Wushu Conference.
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    Ya Li gladly answer, bulging breasts snapped salute, immediately turned and kicked away. After Qiaoan Bang waved adjournment of the presence of the crowd immediately. In fact Qiaoan Bang did it on purpose, first under the command of their own security and even a regular army regiment designation are not, at this level with the Central Army did not hang on the numbers, how can we have a chance to persuade Tang Sheng-chih organization that silly hanging hurry evacuation of the city people do ? So rayban only want houses, causing Nanjing high-level attention, their influence in the next accumulated through battle.Suzhou, Nanjing, the Japanese headquarters of the battle ahead. Responsible for specific command captured Nanjing, the Japanese commander, Prince Asaka Yasuhiko Palace took the chief of staff handed rayban 's message, hastily read it again, looked puzzled and asked the chief of staff : There are no reported Kunisaki Detachment cavalry brigade was wiped out in the battlefield ? Huibing His Royal Highness, no ! Chief of Staff shook his head to answer. Well, that is the Chinaman 's trick, in order to enhance one's own morale, even false victories, ha ha, stupid pig seems to have fast Shina dead end !Nanjing garrison theater headquarters conference room. Nanjing garrison garrison commander Admiral Tang Sheng-chih just received the news of the radio and gave it next to a source of the second corps commander Xu rayban read a schematic passed on. After people have with this security group will be sent to the Herald read it again, Tang Sheng-chih his hands on the table and said: Gentlemen, rayban how to read this Herald ? Well, this is where the security group came out ? A local group on a mere say wiped out the Devils a cavalry brigade, is simply the audacity !

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    8384Xs. Such a large target,rayban, you want to escape the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft found basically impossible. So, soon the Japanese reconnaissance aircraft would attract no less than fifty of ninety-five fighter bombers and ninety-three group consisting of a large mixer. Under the guidance of reconnaissance aircraft, more than fifty Japanese aircraft such as transit locusts clouds are rumbling toward the ground withoutcluster sprang forward. Ground tanks in radios sounded Qiaoan Bang voice commands, immediately, Panther is equipped with two MG34 general purpose machine guns have opened fire.Japanese mixer group suddenly plunged headlong into the network by the tens of thousands of anti-aircraft fire machine gun consisting 7.92MM. Bang bang bang...... intensive bullets hitting the Ninth fighter that weak defensive armor, aircraft armor quickly put some ripped, followed by black and blue of the Japanese aircraft began to ignite the fire, what is more densely the bullet hit volley detonation. Followed by Japanese aircraft flying because of the tragic avoid less affected, not by the explosion of the aircraft debris hit, is a direct collision with the aircraft wreckage, causing a greater explosion.After the loss of a dozen aircraft are being subducted frightened Japanese pilots have started desperately pulled up rayban never thought even armored ground tanks will have a strong anti-aircraft fire so dense. Climb away from the ground after the effective range of anti-aircraft fire, the Japanese bombers have started to carry out bomb, but because of ground targets with the aircraft itself in the fast- moving, devils bombs want to hit ground targets easier said than done. Often shells landed, fall is a few hundred meters or even higher, even if the occasional tank shells burst point from the ground a little closer, but sporadic explosions is simply not enough to armor defense capability is extremely good and the fast-moving Panther who cause any substantial harm.
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    Han quickly exit the hall, at the door, looked at Longji palace, shaking his head Yi Tan : hey, surely this is not a light oriental prime minister to combat it, poor Miss East. Lin Feng frown standing on top of a tall tower, behind Dahan and Wu Yu also face urgent. Three eyes chaos sweeping, coming directly disregard toward the bottom of the sky rayban arrows, Dahan depressed and said: Grandma, this palace is so big, where is the nest dog emperor ah? Wu Yu is urgent shook his head, his heart trembled East sister 's safety. rayban Turn a three hour in the palace, a long time did not find Longji palace, was greatly depressed. Subsequently, Lin Feng eyes swept to a more secluded palace, I saw thousands of elite gathered around it. These elite a look at the foot of those who can not be compared, all murderous, eyes reveals nothing left. Looked calm, unruffled. Lin Feng eyes light up, looking overjoyed : found ! Then down, tall stature speed toward smaller palaces, heart or cursed, this fake Longji IQ is not quite low.Lin Feng saw three speed stature come face rough that were led by the eyes of coldness flash Han, Chen Sheng Di. Although knowing that they are not rayban three opponents, but the look on his face did not retreat. Lin Feng disregard elite directly below the roof fall in the palace, at the foot slightly hard, stature suddenly fall into the palace. And Dahan and Wu Yu- duo is falling body, directly beneath it with thousands of elite killing, stop into the bother rayban Lin Feng. Lin Feng Li Longji bedridden saw suddenly appeared, suddenly shouted.

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     rayban rayban Want to see ? He even has spoiled some urgent tone, stare at her, and then he unceremoniously grabbed her hand and went straight to him there, she touched his swollen too much for the site. Ah...... rayban okay ah ? Lin heart pity was he forced to touch him there, indeed, been startled by his stuff, but it touched the hands touch, let her suddenly from a heart filled with a feeling of extreme thirst, she do not need to hide her, but shun his meaning, eager stroking, so he gasped with excitement.LOVEPd. OK, of course the line, Yao...... rayban hurry right? He was anxious, she also wants to know, and even encouraged him to not get her immediately once the non- determination, he immediately jumped in her screams, rayban clothes off cleanly, if not wanted gentle with her. Regardless of whether he really wanted to unlock the pants will direct Ben theme, she told him to start with so little overnight, even if he is forced, she could not know how strong he needs a man, and now he really can not wait.She panted any light rayban Rulangsihu pressed down, blushing looking at rayban rayban behavior acquiesced because she...... she is now very eager rayban body, is no longer a teenager so clear astringent delicate, and her birth to two children, and then bear rayban not so brave should fear, but in rayban fiercely pressed down, she was worried up, at least do the kind of things that she does not get pregnant may not know, but she...... she was in his early forties, that still did not stop, she did not know the age of the rayban will not let her pregnancy, but she does not really want to enjoy it and then take the risk, at least...... in her daughter when the mother 's case, she was unlikely to have another child so ashamed of it ?If I make you pregnant, that is rayban a blessing ! rayban Then our daughter is born, is not good ? He smiled rogue and bad ruffian, fiercely pressure down, to be honest, he certainly really want to talk to him she would give birth to a baby, but that possibility is really only listen days scheduled, ah...... you slowly go...... woo...... she holds her in his fiercely again after twenty years, entered her body, they are both eager and nervous, but at that moment he combined with her, the kind of feel the ultimate owner of the other's both strange and familiar, but also a kind of eager to get to meet each need a sense of happiness, this moment, they seem to have gone beyond the importance of both love and hate and resentment or bitterness of pain !
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    Should Fulin Feng three attacks Avenue,rayban, suddenly felt the surrounding space is a change, its strength was felt slightly suppressed ! My heart was shocked, but even more angry. Lin Feng attack after another, all kinds of strange attack, making the avenue extreme headache. Originally powerful attack, has been able to send a very good. And Lin Feng Guards magic not only numerous, strange magic attack power of no less than the power. Angry heart, while the law to recover Excalibur Boulevard, hands out three successive pinch gesture, and suddenly the whole body broke out in a colorful mask.Heaven enchantment at this time has come to peripheral areas, while the horizon overlapping waves have also been attacked to the Avenue defense mask. Lin Feng powerful field shackles locked Avenue stature, the power of the body's crazy Heaven poured into the fields. Field space feel more consolidated, and the head of Heaven enchantment will arrive, looking anxious Avenue, followed by a pinch out gesture. A subtle sounded broken Feng Zhisheng, Lin Feng suddenly appeared behind a silhouette. Road distance and graceful statue face changed, and also issued two Jian Qi, come on Lin Feng prevent attack.Its strength is owned Avenue Bacheng strength, attack power can not be discounted ! Lin Feng has already captured the soul behind come, shuddered, more consolidated areas of space. Immediately, Lin Feng to walk away behind a throw, Happening Excalibur sell out. Happening has been the culmination of Euro RSCG, and empathy with Lin Feng, Lin Feng heart will know the idea. Jianming cry, Jian Qi directly through powerful sword out, and the body differentiation Avenue entangled together. See the body of their differentiation shot statue was cut Elam Road, Avenue abnormal heart angry.

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    Skills: joint distortion ( full level 100% ) Fenjincuogu hand ( full level 100% ) ( Author language : Wyatt with a very nice wish it, we do not think Fenjincuogu hand and joint technology it will be very fit ? killing skills: acting ( acting class ) imitation sound ( can imitate the voices of all ) nirvana :. eavesdropping ( placement of listening devices is not easy to be found skills ) and rayban information also increased occupation: space. the main nirvana: ignore space rules transmigration eye ( originated in the transmigration eye ' Naruto ' six immortal, there 'Heaven' ) ( I wish Wyatt : we did not forget this quest now.Skills: ancient Chinese martial arts ( abbreviated total proficiency 9 15% ) rating: ah, three years to complete so much more attractive. Death than popular. Brother, not allowed to sleep late, get out of bed fast ~ ~ ~ rayban from sleep woke up, stretched. This recording was saying to rayban Ryosetsu recorded, the system tells rayban okay to stay here for three years over there just for three months only, alas emotion ah ! Oh, good morning teacher Nishimura. Oh, Xiao Yue ah, get inside it for a while to class.Well, rayban served. rayban Walked to the seat beside Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi how a black eye it? Hideyoshi how last night did not sleep good? Ah, last night decrepit been practicing the script, so it did not sleep all night. Oh, Hideyoshi ah, for a beautiful girl like you is concerned, but you stay up all night predators too! That Hideyoshi ah, when the class below it,, rayban sleep while watching the teacher to help you, come tell you. That Xie Xieru, and Xiao Yue. Poof ~ ~ ~ Assault three meters. rayban Sit around looking out the scene Hideyoshi, Huh ?
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    Critical moment, people out west bureau is to stay wherever he goes. Melee combat is rayban favorite, but also threw smoke bombs to help each other rayban hide stature. Wang Heng Xiao as Huruyangqun blink of an eye, seven or eight individuals fall to the ground. Clichy and Hunter quickly raised the pistol toward the sudden appearance of Chinese people aiming. However, Wang Heng Xiao rayban instantly disappear within sight of. Suddenly appears, but it is beside the rayban 's, with a whirlwind ! Clichy pupil instant zoom, shock the heart is unable to speak, and at this time there is no time to think more instinctive reaction is sudden and Hunter appeared together in the past to attack the Chinese people, has just turned two pistols, it was two hands grasp, went off the bore bullet.However, two fists not close, the two men on the chest was an instant hit, went flying experience to just a few soldiers feel, as if hit by a large truck approaching at full speed, like a burst of whole body tremors, then loss of control, inverted out every piece of bone, every muscle, trembling, without the slightest intuition, flying a dozen meters away, fell to the ground, motionless. Wang Heng Xiao quickly solve these two individuals, without the slightest stay, rayban but do not know the two men are the two head here, because everyone is dressed the same.Hill hurried very smart, just feel bad feeling when it quickly with Elena, and their seven individuals toward a sand refunding out, and quickly cleared the scene. He then saw a condescending dozen meters Clichy and Hunter went flying scenes, faces twitch. Behind, Elena and several other American agents are also seen gasped. Hill instructors, What is this? A young man asked. Hill shook his head, Chen Sheng said : did not see, is certainly a master over the rayban imagine the master, many times more powerful than the rayban master, go, get going !

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    Lin Feng heart anxiously, forehead also appeared slightest sweat. After three interest, white acoustic replied : Brother, black only said two words. See also guessing white, Lin Feng was both angry and anxious, shouted and said: do not say rayban rayban rayban 'll put out ! Do not ah, brother, black say hope for the best ! White was shocked. Uh, Lin Feng suddenly stunned, froze in place. That does not mean it did not say ? After rely cursed loudly, seeing the slightest fluctuations appear dim space, the powerful winds Lin Feng impact in the face, the eyes are unable to open.Lin Feng heart despair, cursed his imprudent. Lin Feng can not display their physique stood helpless force Heaven body speed call. Suddenly, after the space sounded muffled, appeared in front of a small whirlpool. Space around the rotation even followed up, from the appearance point of view, the wind has torn the space, creating a space debris ! Strong winds, powerful pressure, and after space fragmentation, a strong force to tear the void within. Three powerful destructive vortex formation, the power of natural Needless to say.Swirl in front of seemingly small, but Lin Feng know this vortex at this time is very far away, plus around the hazy dark, more can not determine the location of the vortex. Forehead sweat more and more, and even later sliced ​​like a brook face slipped down Lin Feng, mind jerks, spirits fly. Under the more anxious, Lin Feng Yue can not think rationally. Subsequently, Lin Feng 's face anxiously looked a positive look to the front of the distant whirlpool, steel Yayi Yao cursed and said: Damn, fight ! Then, Lin Feng stood there, mouth slowly mantra : all creatures, only rayban Domination !
  • Author: Mauricebolf
    Meier stood watching Lin Feng disappeared direction, the curvature of the mouth under the veil is growing, then laughed softly : What a strange man, not even for the rayban beauty of the move. Then, his eyes watching the distant direction, strange eyes look more bright, I do not know what to think. Meier meditation is when the magic behind the two emperor while aloud. Meier two can not help but slightly wrinkled eyebrows, look forward to their appearance seemed angry, then cold channel : What happened ? Meier felt the cold without a sense of color tone, two hearts while shocked, after a phase, one of the men bowed Magic Emperor : Missy, this man should not close !Meier light Hey, turned to look unto the name of the Magic Emperor, brow smile more and more concentrated, then Limbo slightly forward lift, when away from the evil emperor men that were just a foot distance, Meier stunning face on with a trace of interesting smile, and said: is rayban can near you? Magic Emperor suddenly panic that were down on their knees, looking ashes said: Missy, under dare ! Soon Jiaoheng, Meier lotus arm waved waving angry : This lady thing, does not allow rayban intervene to intervene ! Two Magic Emperor crashed again and again, kneeling dare get up.Running all the way back to a world of Lin Feng, direct rushed Hongjun Dong Fu. Just enter the Dong Fu, Lin Feng saw more than a dozen familiar figure. Looking overjoyed, Lin Feng mouth and shouted: small North, the youngest ! Everyone heard, are all open your eyes, quit practicing. See Lin Feng, people immediately around us. Watching, north, small -lin, a small front seven, Zhang Qianru, Liu Zi Yan, Suya, and Li Sheng. Lin Feng heart is very excited, but also a bit small regret. After all, brothers although soaring up, but there are several brothers and their wives are not soaring.

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    Azure sword pierce the Interfax smoothly into the right chest, blood spewing out, sputtering, the Liu two young master one. Master Liu has two brief consternation, because rayban not think why Interfax meet her own, but is this a short absence, let Interfax won a hint of opportunities. Eritrea ah...... throat into audible sound hoarse roar of, Interfax eyes flashed crazy, right into the purple light of day Thor Ji Sheng, that moon scimitar Liu solidly split in two Master 's chest above, out of a terrible Today, more to the second book of the faithful do not forget if like a lot of support for the book recommendation, just do not like to have a lot of support Oh, Oh, Thank you very much ! Three days later. City gathered in front of the town crowded figure, figure almost as much as hundreds of people. Each person is a young hero, little thirteen -year-old, a large twenty-five -year-old, standing in front of the city look different, looking far ahead. These people are among the most talented martial country 's younger generation, many of them top players, repair empire from among the many young hero is no way inferior to the older generation of the strong.Stream cloudy after a two-day event to be held today to these young strong from around the world to adapt to the environment, as well as the surrounding mountains to fall Caicai points. The 3rd to Interfax also inquire about a lot of useful information, such as a family of three Royal Park Zhao, Liu, the White House 's younger generation have come here to the strong, natural and ultimately, Liu Ling and Liu Xuan two brothers. Zhao Zhen Zhao Qing Qing brother and sister duo has come, two for the repair is not low, but let Interfax doubt is among the last in the city Lingyun Why is the pinnacle of more than a dozen people who hunted throughout Xuanyin no strength to fight back ?
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    Chu Jingming refreshing to be a cry, then took his men began to sweep the battlefield. Qiaoan Bang from his pocket a cigarette lighter side facing the northwest side of himself: two battalions, three battalions how has not yet come. Behind came between mortal shrill cries : Total Block ! Qiaoan Bang smoked a cigarette, turned around and stood rayban heard behind Liangjia Han also turned away to follow. Come is a guard regiment soldier, seems to guard the head Wang Gensheng attendants aide, is a distant relative of Wang Gensheng, called two eggs.Two eggs until Kankan front, Qiaoan Bang took the lead in the opening fellow. Two eggs gasp as quickly come forward to stand forward Qiaoan Bang cattle salute and said: total seat, not far from the ferry rayban at speed encounter with the Japanese main force, after fighting their main repulsed, but now the Devils retreated to the foot of the ferry in order to ensure safety, the head of the rate of one camp two battalions stormed the Japanese positions are temporarily unable to come join my mission to come to report. Qiaoan Bang heard can not help but nodded with satisfaction and said: Go back and tell you the head, he did it right, keep in mind that the main forces did not cross the river before concubine anyway grandma gave me the ferry master at rayban hands.Two eggs come forward immediately snapped photos, then kicked and turned away. Watched two eggs left, Qiaoan Bang secretly praised Wang Gensheng follow their own long, whatever the outcome, but also learned some strategies and tactics, at least on this matter handled well, the first two or three battalions suffered matter and the Japanese guards for any purpose, that is part of the Japanese troops. But if Wang Gensheng troops to repel the time and then it came in a hurry and their rounds, it is undoubtedly the ferry give the Japanese, it will not only be cut posterior guards regiment, an armored brigade and other follow-on force will be because the Japanese were blocking and can not cross the river.

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    Under the dead peony, romantic mischief, Interfax at the moment really is completely Ming Wu the true meaning of the phrase immortal line. As these would be some compensation to the rayban rayban it ! Lying in bed, Interfax closed his eyes, in the heart of one himself, just tough to sit up. Of course, all this is Interfax own equipment out, although just forcibly dispersed his secrets, concussion of his internal organs, but not much damage, but that moment of breath, under moment was restored, but was thinking of smoke that leaves so arrogant troubles drag, Interfax naturally want to make the other side of guilt, and it staged such a drama.xiaoshuoyd /. Nevertheless, just as if replaced by ordinary people, then they will definitely be shattered internal organs, causing serious injuries, but Interfax not the same, rayban but tenrai body physique is quite powerful, but also can control mine property energy, so did not cause much damage, that is subject to a number of the most affected. As the twenty-first century white-collar elite, acting ability, but an essential ah, Interfax now have some doubts, if the actors do, certainly won the Oscar Award for the best male pig.Ye think the smoke looked a little embarrassed Interfax, whispered, not the kind of arrogance weekdays between a hint more tweaking of the state her family. Interfax shook his head and whispered : Nothing, just really sorry, did not mean to miss the next light, Miss do not take offense ! Do not tell people things tonight, this bottle of immortality to rayban, you can treat any internal injuries, rayban good healing it, look at tomorrow rayban rayban ! Ye think the smoke is very embarrassing to say the sentence, the hands of the bottle on the table, then jumping through the window to leave.
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    At this time only to find that, from beginning to end, the car that person called Leitao is just one of his words. Vague uneasiness wrapped Chuyun Tong, she had some trepidation to the school gate to go along with Chen. Just went to the school gate, Chen took out an envelope and handed Chuyun Tong. Chu students, which is party to the mayor let rayban rayban 's. Some looked at the face of the thick envelope, Chuyun Tong did not reach out. What is inside ? Chuyun Tong suddenly found himself consistently clever words actually spoken today especially silly. rayban I do not know, this is the side of the mayor personally installed and sealed. rayban Duties only to you. rayban...... Can...... do not accept ? Chuyun Tong still hesitated. Please do not let rayban embarrassed. Chen's kept that smile on his face, but the tone was hard a little. Reluctantly took the envelope, ears sounded just gently Thank you. Then looked up, Chen has been turned away. Nervously holds the envelope back to the dorm, crawl back into their sleeping capped, pull down the nets before trembling tear the envelope.Inside, a new stack of neatly placed 100 yuan. Chuyun Tong hand flick, envelopes, falls on the bed, issued a dull sound. Lenz at least a few minutes, Chuyun Tong was picked up in a trance goes notes. There is no inscription on the notes payable and, only a handful of two lines, Emotion powerful, Zhitou paper backing. Money, please accept. rayban To prepare for contingencies. ******* - This is rayban phone, something can be linked. Chuyun Tong repeatedly watched a lot of times these two lines, as if they would understand about the meaning.

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    Forest North and Fang Lifeng mouth twitch or two at the same time, the body random chatter, apparently suppressed a smile. Shortly after, Fang Lifeng hold back a smile and asked: just look fast rayban rayban strength to what extent ? White heard this, Angtou chest, pale seems a little proud, pretending to disdain: Well, rayban now Dacheng, barely able and God of creation a war. Cut two simultaneously disdain, fighting God of creation ? Lin Feng do not necessarily have the strength. Do not believe to see the duo a look, white slight curl one's lip, nor angry, and said: do not believe leave, go back and ask Big Brother it.Forest shock phase, as North and Fang Lifeng, just white speed, even rayban soul are not captured, only vaguely saw a white shadow. Strength tough to repeat itself ? Is it really Versus God of creation ? Small north, to find no ? Fang Lifeng seen from another small hole out of the forest north, quickly asked aloud. rayban Turn himself waited a long time, did not find the mouth of a small North said treasures. No word crisp let Fang Lifeng suddenly pulled his head, looking depressed.Now even a snake eggs are not. Lin Fang Lifeng 's no reason a small North quipped, still stood frowning, just mouth talking softly : ' no reason ah, should have, ah ! Well, go back, do not give up the. Fang Lifeng see the forest or the play focuses on a small North treasure fantasy, can not help but scoff again. Heard, Forest north slightly shook his head, eyes suddenly light up, excited and said: rayban just finding the time, energy fluctuations have not found anything ? There ah, it is not rayban energy fluctuations it? Fang Lifeng said curl one's lip, just looking at his treasures, I suddenly felt the energy fluctuations Forest north.
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    His games flowers, bored, forty yet married, single pleasure in the game of life, how he was worthy of it rayban mother and daughter ? Brother, why you have to offer a blood rayban for your blood ? Xiao Yao dissatisfied with the pursed mouth, literally grinning, pinhole and hold the cotton ball with alcohol, but he did not expect to be busy containing the line that helped him, and turned out to be because he wants charity donation, but wanted him for his offer, so it will be, he gave his first pull to the hospital for blood tests first. But why should he want to donate blood for him ?When the brothers have so use it? His blood is the blood, he would not like that ? Knew about that, he would not promise him. rayban Recently tired, but also with the sound of busy marriage thing, too many things to worry about, offering complete blood dizziness, rayban do not want to offer a blood and shame because to become tired ! Sheng is OK curled his lip, directed blood nurse nodded, his name will be attached to the top, and he has come out with Xiao Yao blood chamber. Wow, you want to get married, to be busy, you let rayban donate it ?Xiao Yao one, his excuse for what rotten Yeah, dissatisfied immediately stared, one containing the line to take his meaning when taken for a ride. However, only a little bit quiet, even before graduation, rayban really what marriage knot ? Besides...... on rayban That attitude is not smoking, drinking, playing a woman, rayban blood...... maybe five evil, a laboratory will fail, it is estimated to offer rayban fail to get it ! Sheng is OK bluntly raised an eyebrow, smiled and ridicule him. Are you kidding ? rayban rayban Actually say ?

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    Yes, that storm ! Qiaoan Bang very decisive nodded. To this moment has not tolerate rayban hesitant, and he can wait, but can not wait Nanjing, Nanjing City, in order to save hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians from being trampled on, even though the front Daoshanhuohai Qiaoan Bang also fear. So even if the Devils do to prepare and how ? Huben regiment equipped firepower, but this time it did not intend to come back alive, the whole regiment soldiers holding all this enough to kill one, kill two earned a tragic attitude, war high, morale, such as rainbow, even in Wuxi City devils had prepared Qiaoan Bang also have confidence in one fell swoop will wear out devils Levee !38 points, put this code out, first, much to celebrate autumn and even write a book became a book to the first law enforcement, the second is to take this show to everyone that this week is definitely not an empty phrase two more day, tomorrow morning after finishing his son to the hospital birth certificate back, rayban you can concentrate on the code word it! Very grateful to you for your support again, look after the spare a few recommended votes cast to autumn, support younger look, let us together with recommended votes hit Bingwei Suzhou, dry dead Palace Asaka Yasuhiko this Japanese beast go !Tied Asaka Yasuhiko Palace afterordered rice Chak keep the body also be taken away, the other corpses of several Devils guard soldiers are being thrown into the sides of the road. Just then, Zhao Geng Yuan took part soldier caught up in a hurry to see Qiaoan Bang, Zhao Geng Yuan quickly come forward saluted : Mission seat. Qiaoan Bang some accidents, the moment and asked: rayban Big Brother it? Fuzuo troops besieged a positive rate Devils remnants, estimated soon resolved. Said Zhao Geng Yuan looked to be tied up in Asaka Yasuhiko Palace continued: rayban ordered to chase these devils, fortunately group seat you promptly arrived.
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    Jiang Xiao Qi naked staring look, that look, looked like in a game, watching a small river seven straight hair Organisation heart. At this point, Qi Cheng- night suddenly a loud drinking : TRI orders, the troops back to camp ! Being played in full swing Qi soldiers you look at rayban rayban see you, to determine their own heard wrong, this spot Daileng in place. This cowardly idiot three princes, rayban no fear, you 'd rush to withdraw troops, unable to do warm-up exercises bit of it ! This is sort of useless gas by the soldiers one by one, as the angry cross, hearts cursing.Today, this battle is to boost morale, you do this, the old lady beg to differ. Charms is now in the hands of the king, sinus generals, the king is now a coach, you, as the old general, you should know the stakes, you want to defy military orders it? Qi Cheng- night away cheerful attitude, condescending cold channel. Thus, sinus prominent face Biequ pushed aside, all the soldiers were also bitterly away weapons, one a rather depressing doubled back. Jiang Xiao Qi this time no longer what to say, rayban aware of Qi Cheng- night set for a reason, some things still have to look at carefully and slowly, there is always the implementation of water a day.Qi Cheng- night three days fishing, two days drying nets acting style, really worried about people. Greatly reduced the morale of the armed forces, but at the moment it is unfortunately rations to delays on the road. A discerning eye to see that someone is moving in trouble, someone let the three princes in dire straits. Northern Qi Dynasty palace, the palace. Queen Su -wan lazy to get up from the tub, the ladies dressed carefully for rayban bedtime clothes. Suddenly, a few house people serving rayban legs and soft, suddenly all fell to the ground.

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    Small river on seven heart can not help but burst overwhelming attack again touched, he everywhere for her sake, just look at his face to Jiang Cheng pulls, she pocketed the face. More aware of her home most want to do is worship mother. She was a person into a shrine, incense table, the corner of the small tablets placed in a place even the names are not. Xu 's souls, that kind of brothel forbear woman, loving mother. Jiang did little seven pairs of how deep her feelings, she came through a few days later, the woman has a serious illness died, his death is the most obsessed with having left her beloved daughter, she said some strange raving : Tsukihime, May Kyi, rayban poor daughter, rayban the coming days how to spend.Why call her mother for months Kyi, familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary bang exploded in her brain, eyes began to emerge that strange and enchanting lilies, a Road vine wrapped around her constantly, like hell, life-threatening Shura. Who is Tsukihime, told rayban rayban Who is ? Jiang small seven delirious loudly shouting, hand and hold the sore head, like madness in general. The other side of the flower, unknown species. Small seven, how do you. Qi Yixuan stride rushed in, a small river clinging to seven, according to the arms.His warm voice as an antidote to soothe the nerves, timely rescued seven small river nightmare. Jiang small seven soon wake up, raised his head and looked at him bewildered. rayban I do not know, it could be stimulated rayban hall childhood memories, let rayban a moment out of control.big hand gently patting her back, head exposed pity looking at the front of the woman, he said, remember there are books, there are shadows of childhood who will grow up has been accompanied, until the day the dead. Jiang small seven hearts a mess at the moment, very cold.
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    Oh, and do not tell you, hungry, rayban go. A glass, rayban in Division vehicles Church, free play to find rayban ah ! Touch a little flat stomach, drowning cherry all sorry to say that he wanted to build a relationship and the next super guy too! Sound soft spring breeze, with a little bit hoarse deep bone marrow sexy. Drowning cherry flick, or withdraw it ! This Hell or force too, and can not hold his own day rushed him to eat. Look at this one Wenrunruyu Ah, enchanting amorous look, color center spread of what they really !Meditation only know a few chanted, drowning Sakura began rushing forward ! Hey, this is what ah ! Golden Palace glazed ah ! The same, everywhere. They do not know the road ah ! Fu Ying drowning amount Yangtianchangtan, God, rayban rayban ah play ! I do not know what else is in spite of the road ran out ? Now how to do ? Could go back ? Is not not know how out of this maze ? Stunning men came out. Sakura fell into silent sigh, bite the bullet and nodded yes. He is their hope ah ! What the king ah !How can the master of the maze in the palace ? If a man does not starve to death yet? Complain, the drowning cherry now Jour upper body, and totally did not see rayban said this enchanting stunning handsome sexy lips twitching slightly, his face black line ! Has such presence of others curse it? This woman is really amazing! And he is still the emperor...... this is not very good ? The palace is generally allowed men, except servant only rayban only. It is not obvious what ? But he obviously maze entrance knot knot territory ah !

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    Fang Qiang eyes straight, muttered: instructors and breakthrough. Dust dispersed, the crowd saw a figure standing in the middle, white short-sleeved t-shirt, black pants large, even free of dust. Around a circle of dirt road up the traces of a law to form a circle around one. Damn, this rayban go back there next blow, and I saw Superman here, saw the gods, the instructors really cattle. Zhang Fuwen whispered fiercely said. The Roger Wang Xiao standing suddenly fired a punch, is a mind Zhiquan.Wang Heng Xiao smiled, closed fist standing, back to his room. Fang Qiang hastily walked up to the front jeep personally took a look, touched the door clearly printed on the fist, foot and a half centimeters deep. Fang Qiang deep breath, heart shock, eyed. I got boxing master riding Gang cloth bucket, condensable gas such as Gang realm, they have a certain ability to attack distant, but this is very close to the root of the distance, because for boxing and body control requirements are too high. A few years ago, Li Jiansheng Father Tanghe text in Chengdu and fighting, punch down, separated by ten centimeters, it will be unable to fight back Tanghe text repression, and this is a very profound step Gang cloth bucket realm.This is almost equal to that within ten meters of the people to make an enemy. Beijing Military Region General Hospital. Li Jiansheng Father down from the bed, two on one side NORTH CHINA COAL MEDICAL couple totter, NORTH CHINA COAL MEDICAL whispered: Dad, your body, your ratio rayban clear best to concentrate on training for some time, do not control those things. Li Jiansheng sighed, fingers trembling a little, after all, is to pick up next to the new crutches, recalling five years ago, back to the capital, to see the forests on crutches circumstances, themselves, also embarked on the path rayban.
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