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Our new products are released. Thanks for your support all the time. We hope you like our new products.

Tactical Vest(B12) + Shield Grip

2010.12.06 New Photo

The new colors will come out soon!! Iron Black Dark Tan Tan Tank Green Dark Blue Gray

The new colors are released!!(NAVY SEAL ,WW2 ,Spartan) !! Iron Black Dark Tan Tan Tank Green Dark Bluish Gray ----------------------- new Troy shield (II) new Dummies Target(II)

NEW Printed parts 1.Bulletproof Shield (South Korea Police) -Black 2.US M-1 Army Helmet(=MP=) -Black

We will remove SWAT items from our store on Apr. 12. Other products are not be affected, and the similar circumstance will NOT occur in the future. We hope to design more and better toys for you. Our new products will come out before June 2011. Thanks for your support all the time.

New Product coming soon !

Our stage 1 new products are finally completed. Thank you for waiting patiently. ------------------------------- G36C SCAR_D MP5K KHG11 Minigun Bayonet L13 Gun Hook SG552_S Rod32 Flagpole L12 Flagpole L13

My second baby was born. From May.21 to May. 24, I am in the hospital. If there is any delay, I apologize to you. I will process your orders and reply your emails when I come back to home. Your orders will include some gifts. Thanks for your valued support all the time.

Thanks for your support all the time. During my maternity leave from May 21th to June 21th, we do not send shipping notification to you except for EMS packages. Thanks for your understanding. From June 22th, all services will be restored the same as before. In the meantime, we will still offer tracking number to you. Please track your order status on the following link: We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you.

NEW Color No.44 Dark Tan-2 The Dark Tan that is more similar to Lego. No.45 Iron Green The heavy metal green that is similar to Halo Master Chief. ============= New Product for Japanese Culture / Helmet Badge 4 kinds of helmet badges ============= New colors of Army & Police coming out ! Brown/Dark Blue Gray/Dark Tan-2/Iron Green G36C SCAR_D MP5K KHG11 Minigun Bayonet L13 Gun Hook SG552_S Rod32

Our new products will come out on July 1st, 2011. Tactical Vest(M1a) 、Tactical Belt(M2a) 、Tactical Vest(M08) 、Tactical Vest(AA1) 、Gas Mask(GS00) 、PT202 、Boonie Hat JH-M1 、Scabbard 、Skirt of Tasses

KP2011a Features: 1. Target Sheets: They can be used with our Dummies Target. 2. National Flags and Armbands: They can be pasted on the minifig's arm. 3. Warning Tapes: They can be used with the police of the city series. 4. It is not easy to tear. 5. The stickers can be directly peeled off without scissors. 6. "?" Target Sheets: This is a special space soldier. If you hope your national flag appears on the stickers, please contact us. Thank you.

Our new products will come out on October 21, 2011. Color:Black 1.Helmet(M2002) 2.Gas Mask(S10sr) 3.Tactical Vest(L4s) 4.G1NC 5.M19 6.MP5A5s 7.M870s 8.GLock17 9.PSG1s(+N41) 10.Watch(JA168) 11.Mini-UZI+Silencer(J5) 12.HK-416 13.Rod28 14.Silencer(J5) 15.Mini-UZI 16.Gun bipod(N41) 17.S.W.A.T. A-Team

Happy New Year!! During the holidays for Chinese New Year, the Taiwan post offices will close from Jan.22 to Jan.27, 2012. In the meantime, we will keep receiving your orders. We will prepare for shipment of your orders on Jan.28, 2012. Thanks for your understanding. ------------------------------------- We will go to our home in the country from Jan.7 to Jan.10, 2012. So we can not ship your orders in the meantime. We will come back on Jan.11, 2012 and prepare for shipment of your orders. Thanks for your understanding. ------------------------------------- New Products Information ------------------------------------ Thanks for your support all the time. Our first new products in this year are as follows: 1. flexible gun sling (4 kinds) 2. gas mask breathing tube for GS00 3. pilot mask 4. Japanese samurai headband 5. Leg Panel 6. goggle cover

1.Grenade Launcher(ML79) 2.Sniper rifle(M82A) 3.Sniper rifle(M103) 4.Colt 45 5.Gas Mask Canister(CA2) 6.UMP45 7.Bamboo Sword 8.P99 9.Tactical Belt(SWG2) 10.Silencer(BD23) 11.Plastic Handcuffs(D6) 12.Nightstick(PR1) 13.Nightstick(PR2) 14.Special Weapon(LBR6) 15.MGS4 16.XUG 17.M72A Launcher 18.Night Vision(SD-23)

2013/07 New Products(Our new products will come out on JULY 14,2013.) 1.Diplomat Rifle 2.Helmet(IBH-G) 3.Pilot Helmet(HGU-56) 4.Helmet(ACH) 5.Helmet(M2002K) 6.Helmet(LWH) 7.Helmet(PBH) 8.Goggles(X500) 9.Beret(BQ7) 10.Tactical Vest(B20) 11.Tactical Vest(Q5) 12.Tactical Belt(G3) 13.Tactical Belt(G4) 14.Grenade(M26) 15.Maxillofacial shield Pilot's Face Guard(MFS-2) 16.Ski Mask(Q3A) 17.Gas Mask(M17) 18.Hydration Pack(CQ1) 19.Night Vision(PVS-14)
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